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About Us

elevIn 2001 we formed our company knowing that our primary focus would be “customer service”.  Forming a small company has allowed our highly trained staff to focus on performing quality work in a timely manner, which in most cases, has exceeded our client’s expectations.  Our reputation is one that we’ve earned and strive to maintain on a daily basis.  We pride ourselves on the fact that 85% of our business is based on referrals, thanks to you, our customers!

Current Elevator Technology and our technicians believe that by providing proper monthly maintenance on your elevators will guarantee less shutdowns, fewer violations, and less times that you have to call us for troublesome issues.  We assign a technician to your facility and each month that same technician will see you to discuss any concerns, questions, or issues you may be having.  We find that our customers like seeing the same faces come service time each month, the technician knows the facility, the staff, and how YOU, our customers like things done.  It’s peace of mind knowing our staff understands your needs and we’ll strive to meet them all!  We always respond in a timely manner when a problem occurs and will work hard to fix it right the first time.

Moving forward, as we enter into our 14th year in business, we have learned what companies are looking for in an elevator contractor.  We are very fortunate to have some of the best installation/modernization mechanics with three of them having over 30 years experience.  One specializes in troubleshooting and adjusting, one specializes in installations and one specializes in modernizations.  All three have strived to be everything you expect and more.

We have a lot to offer you, our competitive prices and ability to provide you what you expect from a contractor are a phone call away.  Give us a call for a price and we’ll supply you some references that will be glad to help with questions!